Lee Hi to Leave YG Entertainment
Lee Hi to Leave YG Entertainment
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Lee Hi / Photo: YG Entertainment
Lee Hi / Photo: YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment has announced that label artist Lee Hi will be parting ways with the company. 

According to an official statement released by YG Entertainment on December 31, “After much discussion between the label and Lee Hi, who is nearing the end of her exclusive contract, both parties have decided to cheer on one another from their respective positions.”

They continued, “After becoming the runner-up of SBS’s K-Pop Star Season 1 in 2011, Lee Hi signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and debuted in 2012. With her unique tone and vocal skills, she has grown into one of the leading female vocalists of the next generation. We are thankful for how Lee Hi has carved out her own territory in music over the past seven years as a YG artist, and we will always be rooting for her with fondness and affection.”

Lee Hi made her debut in 2012 with the song “” and has received a great deal of love over the years for her distinctive husky voice and captivating songs. In May of 2019, she released her EP titled 24℃, which featured the popular title track “NO ONE.”

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